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New Fall 2016 Course!

POLS 199 - 2016 Election An In-Depth Look

This course will help students become better informed about voting, and the candidates and issues in the November,  2016 General Election.  It has three man learning objectives:

Making It Easy to Register and Vote – Many students are unaware of the options for registering to vote and casting a ballot.  We’ll go over these and other voting-related tasks, and their completion deadlines to ensure that students can easily participate in this and future elections.

Understanding the Race for President and Control of Congress -  We will discuss trends in public opinion polling, how the Presidential race is shaping up in the Electoral College, and the factors that may influence its outcome. We’ll also examine how the battle for control of Congress appears to be shaping up.

Making Sense of the Mass of Ballot Measures – This November, there will be an unusually large number of measures (at least 18 statewide) on the ballot in California. We will review each one explaining what it proposes to do and who their major proponents, opponents, and contributors are.

The course will feature numerous expert guest speakers from the media and political worlds that students will be able to interact with.

Students will also learn how to find objective sources of information about their electoral choices, especially how to follow the money trail in politics. After the election, we will study its results and discuss how they are likely to impact the future of U.S. politics and the lives of most Americans.

A highlight of the course will be an Election Night event where we watch and analyze the results as they come in across the country. Members of the campus community and the public will be invited to join us for this event and to audit the course (space permitting).

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