COPPS Program

copps program

In the 2003 fiscal year, the Department launched the Campus Oriented Partnership Policing Strategy program. This new program expands the community oriented policing foundation by assigning specific officers to geographical areas throughout campus. These officers serve as liaisons with the campus community by providing a direct contact to campus constituents, conducting presentations and providing immediate feedback to address problems or concerns.

To contact a COPPS officer for further information, please call University Police at (707) 664-4444.

The officers serve as specialists in conducting education and prevention programs in the following areas:

Sexual Assault

The focus begins with the very first contact with a survivor through completion of the case, dealing with the criminal courts, and/or campus discipline. The criminal investigation and the campus disciplinary processes are discussed with the survivor once a report of a sexual assault has been made. Physical, mental and emotional issues are discussed, as are the on and off campus support systems that are available for those involved in sexual assault cases. Legal definitions and SSU's statistics are also provided to help clarify understanding.

Mandated Sexual Offender Registration Program

Effective October 28, 2002, the Sexual Offender Registration Law now requires convicted sex offenders, even out of state offenders, to register with our police department if they are living on campus, enrolled as a student or are employed (even part timers) with SSU.

Pursuant to Section 290 of the California Penal Code convicted sex offenders are required by law to register:

  • within 5 days of changing residence locations
  • every 60 days if they do not have a permanent residence
  • enrolling as a student at a school
  • employment at a school
  • within 5 days of each birthday

If you would like to obtain information about registered sex offenders in your area, please visit the state's Megan's Law web site.

Drugs and Alcohol

Officers enforce violations pro-actively through education and community contacts. Officers provide "Knock and Talks" in the residential community to make residents aware of the policies regarding drug/alcohol use and abuse. Students who experience substance abuse problems may be referred to on and/or off campus programs.

Safety & Crime Prevention

Although all SSU police officers participate in the COPPS program, the Crime Prevention Officer oversees the main duties of the program. This program includes providing written information and presenting instruction for personal and property safety, plus the following objectives:

  • Coordinating "Town Hall" meetings
  • Monitoring the anonymous "We Tip" phone hotline
  • Conducting safety surveys and presentations for students, staff and faculty
  • Conducting lighting surveys and recommending improvements for the campus

Please visit our Crime Prevention web page for more information on our efforts to prevent crime on campus.

Building, Office-Security and Alarm systems

We maintain, add and change alarm systems & codes for University employees. We also serve as a first point of contact for instructions on hot to use such systems and trouble-shooting alarm problems. Problems that cannot be fixed or repaired are referred to internal sources and/or an outside alarm contractor. We also work with appropriate administrators to conduct alarm and security studies for in new buildings or offices on-campus, including the recommendation of new equipment.

Bicycle Patrol

With Sonoma State University's park like setting, a combined use of bike and vehicular patrols is ideal. The bicycle officer allows for more personal contact and opportunity for positive feedback of those contacted while on patrol. This person also assists the crime prevention officer with presentations on crime prevention and personal safety. This program is seasonal and subject to campus demand.