Summer Parking

Summer Parking FAQ

The following is intended to provide information regarding the differences between parking at Sonoma State during the summer months and the academic year. Generally, the parking rules are the same as during the academic year. If an issue is not addressed here, please refer to another section of this web site.

When does Parking Services enforce summer rules?

  • This year, summer parking rules are in effect between Monday, May 12 and Friday, August 15, 2014.

Do I need a permit to park during the summer?

  • Yes, parking permits are always required. Even though the demand is lower during the summer months, parking is a self-supporting fund and does not receive state support. Additionally, state law requires a fee be paid by every vehicle parking on campus.

I'm visiting campus as part of a conference group. Do I need to purchase a permit?

  • Conference and Event Services will coordinate parking as part of your conference package. Check with your conference coordinator. If your group did not arrange for parking, you will need to purchase a permit while you are on campus.

I am a faculty member who usually only works during the academic year but I have to come to campus a few days during the summer. Can I use my regular parking permit?

  • Probably not. Most faculty pay for parking for only the fall and spring terms. Therefore, your permit is not valid during the summer. For Unit 3 faculty, the monthly deduction for the academic year plan is $10.99 per month. The 12 month plan deduction is $13.19 per month. If your deduction is $10.99, you need to purchase a daily permit during the summer. If you would like to change your pay plan, please visit Seawolf Services.

How do I get a permit during the summer?

  • There is a summer term parking permit available for sale through Online Parking Services or in Seawolf Services. Please note, however, that the permits are not-refundable. If you are only going to be on campus for one month, you cannot sell your permit back. Semester permits are $63.00 and are valid between May 15 and August 31, 2014.

    If you are not going to be on campus all summer, you may want to consider purchasing daily or weekly permits. The cost of a daily permit is $5.00 and a weekly permit is $35.00. Daily and weekly permits are available at the Parking Information Booth (cash only). You can also purchase daily parking permits at the parking permit machines in most lots (cash or credit).

What about the Housing lots? Can I park there with my General or Reserved permit?

  • Yes! Housing parking is available to General and Reserved permits 24/7 during the summer season.

Do you enforce timed zones and other special parking areas?

  • Yes, timed, disabled, no parking and other special parking areas are always enforced 24/7.

Are the Information Booths open during the summer?

  • Yes. However, the hours vary from the academic year schedule. Please contact Parking Services to confirm current operating hours.