Crime Alerts & Bulletins

Subject: TIMELY WARNING - Assaults in the City of Rohnert Park
Date: April 29, 2014

Sonoma State University Police Services is providing this timely warning notice of criminal incidents that occurred near our community in compliance with the Federal Jeanne Clery Act and in order to provide information that may help others avoid becoming a victim of a similar crime.

On Tuesday, 4/29/2014, at approximately 6:00 pm, SSU Police Services received information that on 4/17/2014, at 10:55 pm, several subjects were in the parking lot of Rancho Cotate High school by the football field, located in the City of Rohnert Park, and near the Copeland Creek trail. They reported that a male wearing dark clothing walked into the parking lot and suddenly started shooting at them.

Additionally, on 4/26/2014, at 9:36 pm, a subject reported he was walking on the Copeland Creek trail between Commerce Blvd. and Seed Farm Drive, located in the City of Rohnert Park, when a male wearing dark clothing stabbed him in the abdomen and then fled. It is unknown if these events are related. The Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety is investigating these incidents.

Anyone with information about these crimes is urged to call SSU Police at 707-664-4444 or Rohnert Park Police at 707-584-2600.

SSU Police would like to remind the community:

  • Report all suspicious persons or activity at SSU to SSU Police immediately
  • Walk with a purpose and be aware of your surroundings
  • Do not become distracted by cellular phone or IPOD devices
  • Call SSU Police Services for an on-campus safety escort
  • If you see a crime in progress call 911
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