Crime Alerts & Bulletins

Subject: Auto Burglaries
Date: February 14, 2013

The SSU Police have received seven auto reports beginning February 8, 20013 through February 14, 2013. The crimes have occurred between the hours of 5P and noon the following day. In all but one case a passenger side window of the vehicle has been shattered to gain access. Several of the burglaries have occurred in “F” parking lot, one in “G” parking lot, and two in residential parking near Beaujolais Village. Items stolen have primarily been purses, wallets, and small items of value in plain view inside the vehicles. The suspect(s) also often take items from the glove compartment. In one case credit and debit cards were used in the early evening not long after the burglary at gas stations and department stores in the Santa Rosa area. In analysis of the cases it appears likely the same suspect(s) are responsible for all the reported burglaries.

Anyone with infornation about these crimes is urged to call the SSU Polive at (707) 664-4444

SSU Police would like to remind the community:

  • Always lock doors and windows of your cars and residences both on and off campus
  • Always take items of value with you. If you must leave items of value in a vehicle place and lock in the truck and out of sight
  • Engrave electronics and valuables with identification numbers and keep serial numbers and descriptions of valuable property to aid in the recovery in the event it is stolen.
  • Report all suspicious persons or activity at SSU to SSU immediately
  • If you see a crime in progress call 911. 
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