Student Advising Guidelines

It is important for you to track your completed coursework in the Psychology Major, as well as in your GE pattern. Your advisor can help you plan coursework in line with your interest areas and goals, and discusses career and graduate school options with you. Peer advisors can help you determine whether you are on track with your coursework and graduation requirements. If you have another major or a minor, an advisor in that department tracks your progress in that area.

Your advisor must be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member from this list:

When possible, we recommend that you see one advisor consistently, as this person comes to know you and your interest areas. If your advisor is on leave for a semester please select another advisor.

Follow these guidelines when seeing your advisor:

  • Sign up for an advising appointment on the advisor’s office door. If there is no sign up, go during their posted office hours or contact them by email or phone.
  • Print out a copy of your Academic Requirements report (ARR) and unofficial transcripts from PeopleSoft and bring it to the meeting. Transfer students should also print out a Transfer Credit report from PeopleSoft. Do not expect it to be printed for you at your advising appointment.
  • GE Information: Download a GE pattern form: fill it out before your meeting; this helps your advisor track your GE. The GE requirements differ according to the time you have attended SSU. Students attending from their freshman year complete 51 units of GE; from fall 2011- present all entering first-time freshmen will complete 50 units of GE, and transfer students complete 48 units of GE. All the GE requirements are listed on the GE pattern form. When you reach Junior status (the semester you reach 60 units) you must take 3 upper division GE courses—save room for them when you plan your GE courses.
  • IMPORTANT: Keep track of your completed coursework using your ARR. If you find a discrepancy meet with an advisor.