Undergraduate B.A.

The department offers a general B.A. in psychology. Students must complete four required courses that cover psychological research methods and statistics as well as a course that captures the department's historical emphasis on humanistic and transpersonal psychology.

  • Holistic courses focus on the whole person by developing knowledge and skills integral to personal health and growth, such as self-reflection, self-awareness and creativity.
  • Clinical / Counseling courses develop knowledge and skills in understanding and helping others as well as health-promoting behaviors.
  • Developmental courses investigate changes in people over the life span and explore how this knowledge can be used in applied settings such as parenting, education, and community life.
  • Social / Personality courses focus on how individual differences among people and the social context in which they live shape their emotions, thoughts and behavior.
  • Cognitive / Biological courses explore the physiological and biological foundations of human experience, as well as the mental processes involved in learning, memory, perception, and problem solving.

Click here to download a list of courses offered for each of the breadth areas (a pdf file).

We strongly recommend that students take courses in psychology and other disciplines to gain competence in diverse areas of culture, race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, and social class. Specific courses that focus on diversity issues and the development of multicultural competence are identified in the course descriptions and the semester course schedule.

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