General Education Information

The General Education (GE) requirements differ depending upon when you began to attend SSU. Students who began their first year at SSU complete 50 units of GE, transfer students complete 48 units of GE. The GE requirements are listed on the GE pattern sheets. The GE pattern sheets are available online or outside of the Psychology office, Stevenson 3092. Transfer students should check their Academic Requirements Report to determine the classes for which they have received GE credit. For transfer credits, print out a Transfer Credit Report from PeopleSoft.

When you reach Junior status (the semester during which you complete 60 units) you must take 3 upper division GE courses (courses at the 300 level and above) in at least two different GE areas—save room for them when you plan your GE courseload.

Psychology majors often take the following upper-division GE courses because they can be double-counted for both GE and the Psychology major.

  • PSY 302, Life Span Development (area E)
  • PSY 303, Person In Society (area D)
  • PSY 325, Social Psychology (area D)


Students must take the CSU writing exam, the WEPT, and pass it in order to graduate. Students should take it in their Junior year. Check the SSU Writing Center's WEPT website, test dates, registering for the exam, and how to prepare for it.