Minor Requirements, Effective Fall 2015

  • Complete PSY 250, Introduction to Psychology (or equivalent) with a B or better.
  • Complete 20 20 upper-division psychology course units, with a minimum grade of C. Courses must be taken for a letter grade unless Credit-No Credit is the only grading option.
  • A Change of Minor form should be completed and signed by the Department Chair.
Please note:
  • GE Psychology courses, Psy 325, Social Psychology, Psy 303, Person in Society and Psy 302, Lifespan Development cannot be counted toward the minor.
  • No more than four units can be taken as Credit-No Credit.
  • Math 165, Introduction to Statistics (or equivalent), is not required.
  • A PSY minor DOES NOT allow you to enroll in PSY Major only courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I able to take online courses and count towards my minor?
A. Only if you take a class from a 4 year college, NOT a community college.

Q. Am I able to take classes at Santa Rosa Junior College and count towards my minor?
A. No, you need 20 units of upper division classes. SRJC classes transfer as lower division and do not count for the minor.


We are no longer accepting Psychology Minor applications as of Spring 2016 - Present.