Major Requirements Prior to Fall 2014

The Psychology major requires 40 units of Psychology courses. Every major course must be passed with a minimum grade of a C. At least 34 units must be upper-division Psychology courses (courses at the 300 level and above); 6 units may be lower-division courses (courses at the 100 or 200 level) or transferred from a Junior College. Statistics is required in addition to the 40 units. Courses must be taken for a grade unless Credit/No Credit is the only grading option. 12 units of Credit/No Credit classes may be counted to the major; and 12 units of Psychology courses must be in residence at SSU.

Required courses

Psy 250, Introduction to Psychology, or equivalent

Math 165, Statistics or equivalent Statistics course

Psy 306, History of Modern Psychology

Psy 307, Humanistic, Existential & Transpersonal Psychology