Psychology Internships

Agency & Contact Information

Agency Name: Community Action Partnership
Address: 1300 North Dutton Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Phone: (707) 544-6911 ext. 1051
Supervisor: Vince Harper
Fax: (707) 544-5127

Internship Description

Job Title: Parenting Instructor

Compensation: Unpaid
Internship Length: 1 semester, 2 semesters, or 1 year possible
Hours Per Week: Varies

Population: Adults, Children, Couples, Families, Multicultural
Focus: Domestic Violence, Homeless
Setting: Family Home

Duties: Work with families in groups and /or individually

Qualifications: Familiarity with positive parenting methods to improve the skills of program participants

Additional Information: Interns will be working with families in our transitional housing program, off site from our main office. The interns work at the Shelter and Transitional housing for women with children and families.

This internship was updated 6/23/15