Psychology Internships

Agency & Contact Information

Agency Name: Circle of Sisters
Address:1156 Montgomery Dr, Suite 6, Santa Rosa Ca 95405
Phone: (707) 525-5311
Supervisor: JoAnne Sotres
Fax: (707) 585-7613

Internship Description

Job Title: Circle Leader/Co-facilitator

Compensation: unpaid
Amount/Type: personal development, the freedom to facilitate already existing program topics and creation of own ideas.
Internship Length: 15 or 30 weeks
Hours Per Week: 2-4

Population: Adolescents
Focus: Domestic Violence, Education, Human Resource Management, Mental Health, Outreach
Setting: Community Agency and School

Training: Curriculum and trainings will be provided to you as a circle leader. You will have a mentor facilitator to utilize as a resource, and will have monthly meetings for planning group activities.

Duties: Your primary role as Circle Leader will be to lead a group with another volunteer at the same Circle of Sisters site one day each week. You will use an already prepared curriculum and supplies to bring discussions and activities to the girls.

Qualifications: Circle Leaders/Interns must be culturally sensitive, positive role-models and willing to participate in activities with adolescent girls. Prior experience working with the Circle of Sisters program is preferred.

Additional Information:
Due to district requirements, it is important to apply for this internship as soon as possible. Fingerprinting and background checks are required because of the nature of this internship. Also, TB Testing and CPR training are provided by the agency. This process may take up to 4 weeks, so the sooner an application is processed the sooner one can complete hours.

Program sites run in the hours of afterschool, generally between 2:30 and 5:30 pm. Time of program operation is site dependent. Groups are 2.5 hours long plus preparation. Circle Leaders may be requred to arrive 15-30 minutes early.

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