Psychology Internships

Agency & Contact Information

Agency Name: Friends Outside In Sonoma County
Address: P.O. Box 3905, Santa Rosa, CA 95402
Phone: (707) 526-7318
Supervisor: Kate Jenkins
Fax: (707) 526-5648

Internship Description

Job Title: Jail Drop-in Center Staff

Compensation: unpaid
Internship Length: 2 semesters preferred
Hours Per Week: To be determined

Population: Adults, Children, Couples, Family, Multicultural, Seniors, Male and Female inmates
Focus: Social Service
Setting: Community Agency (located in the Sonoma County jail)

Duties: Respond to inmates’ written requests (e.g. make calls to family, provide information about treatment programs). Provide assistance and information to families, individuals or agencies impacted by someone’s incarceration. Facilitate communication, and provide comfort and support.

Qualifications: Passion and compassion, critical thinking skills, good English language communication, bilingual a plus, comfortable working in a criminal justice environment, no criminal or serious driving offenses on record in the last 2-5 years, preferably 21 years of age or older.

Additional Information: Depending on intern's status, interest, and availability there could be off-site projects.

This internship was updated6/23/15