Psychology Internships

Agency & Contact Information

Agency Name: Valley of the Moon Children's Center
Address: 112 Children's Circle, Santa Rosa, Ca 95409
Phone: (707) 565-8383
Supervisor: Meg Easter-Dawson
Fax: (707) 565-6352

Internship Description

Job Title: Children's Home Intern

Compensation: unpaid

Amount/Type: free training (3 hours)
Internship Length: 2 semesters
Hours Per Week: 2-5

Population: Adults, Family, Children
Focus: Crisis Intervention, Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health
Setting: Residential Treatment Facility

Duties: Direct service by supporting the educational and recreational needs of children in emergency foster care by organizing age appropriate activities, acting as a role model, and facilitating learning opportunities. 

Qualifications: Must have some experience working with children and teens.  Desire to work with at-risk children and teens.  Must be a minimum of 21 years of age and pass the background and livescan screening.  Requires a 2 semester commitment.

Additional Information: The Valley of the Moon Children’s Home is a division of the Sonoma County Department of Human Services.  It provides temporary care for children ages newborn through 17 who are victims of abuse, abandonment, neglect, or whose parents/guardians are unable to care for them.  These children have not committed crimes and the facility is secured but not locked from the inside.  The Children’s Home is open 24 hours a day and can accommodate 60 children.  Infants and preschools are usually placed in an emergency foster home (a home licensed to care for small children on a short-term basis).

The reasons children are admitted to the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home are confidential.  Counselors will not discuss the circumstances of a child being at the Home.  Questions regarding visits, phone calls, or information about the cases should be directed to the Social Worker handling the case.

Children can be admitted to the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home by Law Enforcement Officers or Social Workers.  They are not released until a family situation or an alternative placement is found.  If the Juvenile Court decides a child is to remain out of the home, a Social Worker is assigned to find a suitable place for the child to live, such as a foster home or group home.

While at the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, psychological, medical, and emergency dental care is provided for residents. 

In addition to the regular counselors, volunteers from the community often assist at Valley of the Moon Children's Home by providing special attention and tutorial services.  Support agencies conduct groups for our children to assist them in dealing with their individual and family issues.  Service clubs and individuals from the community provide resources and donations that help to enhance the children’s stay with us.

Our goal is to provide a stable, supportive, and nurturing environment to children in crises.

This internship was updated 6/23/2015