Where to Find a Psychology Internship

There are several ways for you to locate an approved placement (paid or unpaid) at a community agency with a field supervisor. Please note that you will find information on a slightly different set of agencies through each resource.

Psychology Internships Listing

Access our searchable list of internships.

Psychology Internship Bulletin Board

Fliers provided by agencies about their internships are posted to the right of the Psychology Department Office, Stevenson 3092.

Internship Information File

Located inside the Psychology Office, Stevenson 3092, this short, black file cabinet contain students’ Internship descriptions and recommendations plus a few Agency brochures.

SSU’s Career Services 

Located in Salazar 1070, this center has binders and on-line information about Internships and jobs in many areas, not just psychology. If you have an interest in education, criminal justice, or environmental studies, for example, you might find something here with that particular angle.

Your Current Job

You may design an internship at your current place of employment if your work is psychological in nature. You must select new skills to develop so there is an element of learning. See Set Up an Internship, and Contact Dr. Mary Schindler at mary.schindler@sonoma.edu or (707) 664-3618 to pursue this further.

Design a New Internship

If you know of an agency willing to supervise you in an Internship in partnership with SSU, please see Set Up an Internship, and contact Dr. Mary Schindler at mary.schindler@sonoma.edu or (707) 664-3618 to set this up. This is particularly useful if you live far from the area.