How to Register for PSY 499, Psychology Internship

Because the Psychology Internship requires a signed contract with your agency - the Internship Agreement - you CANNOT register online. Please make sure you follow the steps below.

Before you register, make sure you:

  1. Meet prerequisites.
  2. Attend an Information Meeting or contact Dr. Mary Schindler, Internship Coordinator.
  3. Obtain an approved placement with a field supervisor.
  4. Submit the Internship Agreement Form with the signature of your on-site supervisor by the end of the Add/Drop period.
  5. Provide your on-site Supervisor with our Information for Supervisors.
  6. Obtain a course Syllabus.

Fall and Spring Registration

  1. By the end of the Add/Drop period (2nd week of school) put your completed Internship Agreement  Form in the mailbox of the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Mary Schindler, in Stevenson 3092.
  2. If there are any questions about your Internship Agreement, Dr. Schindler will contact you.
  3. Dr. Schindler will sign it and send it on for the remaining reviews and signatures.
  4. We will send your fully signed Internship Agreement to Admissions & Records.
  5. Admissions & Records will put the course on your transcript after the semester starts.

For further information, contact Dr. Mary Schindler at or (707) 664-3618.