Research Participation

We believe that students cannot learn about psychological research without opportunities to experience all aspects of the research process from participation to design and analysis. Student volunteers can serve as participants in research studies and may have opportunities to assist faculty with their research. There also are opportunities to present and publish research with department faculty members.

Smith RASmith Participants

Research participation provides an important first-hand view of psychological science. If you are interested in participating, current projects are listed below. PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN EACH PROJECT JUST ONCE. It is most effective if you complete these studies on a laptop or desktop, not a mobile phone.

Project 1. Did the T.A. cross the line? Evaluate a student complaint (SSU undergraduates only)

We are studying students' perceptions of undergraduate teaching assistants. This is a particularly important issue because of recent and future changes in the use of upper division undergraduates in these mentoring roles. The central part of this study requires you to read a brief description of a student complaint and then answer a set of questions about your reactions.  

Teaching Assistant Relationships

Project 2. What went wrong? How an SSU student's response to a shove could impact SSU (SSU undergraduates only)

We invite you to participate in a study designed to learn SSU students' reactions to a video re-enactment of a recent student altercation. Volunteers will complete an online questionnaire in which they first watch the video, and then answer a series of questions about their reactions. It typically takes people about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

SSU Student Altercation

Project 3.  Tell us what young people like you think about physicians (Anyone between 18 and 26 years old)

We are interested in young people's impressions of physicians' webpages. In this study, we will ask you to evaluate two web pages that describe a general practice physician. The study takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Evaluate Physician Webpages

Project 4.  Help improve the university by sharing your experiences (SSU undergraduates only)

You are invited to participate in a study designed to learn more about undergraduate students’ experiences. We plan to compare Sonoma State University students’ evaluations with Italian university students’ answers. The questionnaire includes questions about your feelings toward the university, your perceptions of faculty, your own study behavior and your evaluation of different discussion group formats. The questionnaire takes most participants about 20 minutes.

To begin the study, please go to the internet address below:

University Instructors

Thank you for volunteering your time to further our research.

Research Assistant

Many university graduate programs require students to have experience in conducting psychological research, as well as in analyzing data and writing up the results. To find out more about possible research assistant opportunities, students should consult with individual full time faculty members.

Summer Research Internship Opportunities

Check out the SSU School of Social Science Research Iniative (SSURI):
Many universities offer summer research opportunities. Check out the program at the University of Maryland here:
More information about possible summer research opportunities also is available here: