Professor Barry Godolphin Student Research Assistantship

Prof. Barry Godolphin

What: $630.00 (students will be hired for 60 hours at $10.50 an hour)

Who: Undergraduate SSU psychology majors

When: Fall Semester 2018

Why: Support collaboratuve empirical psychology research projects with psychology department faculty members

How: Write an application letter addressing the requirements listed below

Deadline for applications: September 21, 2018

First priority will be given to fund projects that are outside of any course requirements in which statistical analyses will be used to analyze the data. Qualitative research projects or literature reviews are also appropriate. Projects can be either student or faculty initiated.

To apply, write a one page letter addressing the following:

  • A short description of the project and your involvement
  • A semester timetable
  • A faculty sponsor's recommendation and signature (this can be a separate letter)

Please submit your letters to the Chair of the Psychology Department. Each application requires a faculty sponsor's signature and recommendation.

For more information, please contact Heather Smith.

Past Godolphin Student Research Assistantship Recipients
Date Recipient Faculty Advisor Project Title
Fall 2018 Jennifer Ceja Elisa Velasquz-Andrade Retention of Latinas in Higher Education: Comadres as a Culturally Appropriate Model
Spring 2017 Austin Myers Mary Gomes Evaluating A Media Fast
Spring 2017 Aymon Sukkar Elisa Velasquz-Andrade A Student Driven Attempt at Social and Educational Justice Through Institutional Change
Spring 2017 Cecile Sami Elisa Velasquez-Andrade A Student Driven Attempt at Social and Educational Justice Through Institutional Change
Spring 2016 Alvaro Ramos Heather Smith Is relative deprivation universal? The potential impact of cross-national differences
Spring 2015 Alexandria Jaurique Heather Smith Preventing texting while driving: Avoiding self-affirmation opportunity could be key
Spring 2013 Melissa Nelson Matthew Paolucci Callahan Disgust Reactions to Gay Men
Spring 2012 Jennifer De Armit Heather Smith University Identification, Authority Behavior and Trustworthiness: An Experimental Test
Spring 2012 Desiree Ryan Heather Smith Observers’ Reactions to Infidelity: Victims Who Forgive Damage Ingroup’s Reputation
Spring 2008 Ashley Stenger Heather Smith Older patients' reactions to doctor visits
Spring 2007 Ray Parr Heather Smith College Friendship Network Diversity, Current Closeness and Graduates' Political Attitudes
Spring 2007 Jordan Howell Glenn Brassington What athletes anticipate missing when they retire from college sports
Spring 2006 Aura Lopez-Diaz Heather Smith What Motivates College Students to Report Cheating?: The Influence of Shared Group Membership
Spring 2005 Jeremy Tucker Glenn Brassington Habitual Sleep Deprivation and Mood States in College Students Who Are Satisfied With Their Sleep
Spring 2005 Lew Brown Heather Smith Fight, Flight, Comply or Assist: Observers' reactions to authority conflicts
Spring 2004 Shannon K. Grady Elisa Velasquez Teaching Multicultural Diversity in Psychology Classes
Spring 2004 Wendy Zepeda Elisa Velasquez Retention of First Generation, Low-Income First Year SSU Students
Spring 2003 Judith Eggenberger Carroll Susan Hillier Gerotranscendence and Successful Coping Among Recent Widows
Spring 2002 Wieke Scholten Heather Smith The effects of categorization threat on emotions and behavior
Spring 2001 Tracey Cronin Elisa Velasquez Breaking the cycle of incarceration: an action research approach
Spring 2000 Tim Thomas Heather Smith Job Attitudes and Motivation Among Construction Workers