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Becky with owl baby
DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME - Becky Olsen of Administration and Finance rescues a young owl for a temporary stay at the Bird Rescue Center. (Photo by Jean Wasp)

by Lakin Khan

Onward, Owls!

...Barn owls are magnificent birds with wide, flat, circular faces that act like a satellite dish, collecting sound and shunting it to their hidden ears, which are offset, one higher, one lower. This gives them the ability to triangulate sounds, pinpointing the source with deadly accuracy.More Nature's Way

September 12, 2005
Fall 2005, Volume 4


Art shows galore!
Nature's Way - Owls
Helping hurricane victims
"Fridays at Four"
• Benefits period opens
Townhouses for lease
War and Peace Series
• Hepatitis B shots
• Constitution Day panel

All Invited to Hurricane
Katrina Relief Concert

This evening, Sept. 12, the Santa Rosa Symphony holds a benefit concert to assist in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. The one-hour concert, conducted by Jeffrey Kahane and choral director and SSU professor of music, Robert Worth, begins at 8 p.m. at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa. Concert admission is free with donations requested. The Sonoma County Bach Choir will join the Santa Rosa Symphony Orchestra in the performance, conducted by Jeffrey Kahane and Robert Worth. Full Story

NewsBytes Gets
A Makeover

NewBytes has a new look starting this issue to better enable us to make use of the flexibility the Web offers an online publication. The change is to help avert scrolling down long pages and allow for better use of the material submitted for publication. We love feedback. Send your comments to

P.S. We are looking for writers and photographers from the campus to submit material to NewsBytes for future issues. For further information, contact Jean Wasp, Editor.

at the galleries

Darren Sargeant at the library

LEGAL LIBRARY (LILAH'S TEMPLE) - Darren Sargent stands with a piece by Ray and Lilah Beldner in the University Library art gallery. (Photo by Kathryn Atwood).

A Thousand Words

Curated by Library assistant and graduate student Darren Sargent, the current exhibit in the University Library Art Gallery features the work of both two and three dimensional artists who have created pieces objectifying the book and in so doing make it an aesthetic or conceptual component in their work.

Each artist uses the image of the book itself as the conveyor of communication. The show
runs through Oct. 28. Full Story

Where the land meets art...

SSU photography professor Stephen Galloway's large-scale color digital photographic prints are the focus of a new exhibit at the Sonoma County Museum.
More art show news

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