Applause Awards

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Scott Lance, IT Workstation Consultant

THANK YOU SO MUCH to Scott Lance in the IT Department. My computer blew out its eletrical supply late on a Friday afternoon - he came to check it out, ordered the part and replaced it all before noon on the following Monday. Great job, Scott - thank you! - Rosemary Galten, CANDEL Program Coordinator, School of Education.

Henry Amaral, Jared Holmgren, Jay Hobard, Facilities

Henry and his fellow movers, - Jared Holmgren, Jay Hobard - have gone above and beyond the call of duty, helping Physics & Astronomy bring in some large equipment to Darwin, a superconducting magnet and optical table. Vicki Irey and Mark Bradley got them out to help us on very short notice and they did fantastic work on two heavy, yet delicate, scientific instruments. Our two new faculty members really appreciate this assistance. THANKS, GUYS. You are the Might Movers!
- Steve Anderson, Equipment Technician, Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Lori Heffernon, Assistant Controller, Administration and Finance

Lori Heffernon should be paid double, as both a controller and a therapist. For those of us who have directed many grants over many years, she is the one person who manages to keep us both solvent and sane. In the accounting realm, she is up-to-date knowledgeable, highly competent, a quick study, and an excellent problem solver. As for our mental health, her cheerful demeanor coupled with her sympathetic awareness of our frequent frustrations over bureaucratic and fiscal detail inevitably result in our leaving her office much happier than when we arrived. I've spoken with numerous principal investigators around campus, and I am confident that this "Hurrah!" represents us all. As of June 1, Lori is moving up into Katie Pierce's (Yay! to Katie too) position, a well-deserved promotion. But I am glad she waited until my retirement to do it! Many thanks to Lori, on behalf of all of us, for your help, your support, and your friendship.
- Rick Marks, Professor, Education and Mathematics.

Paul Cotter, Lead Information Technology Consultant

When the student time clock broke early one busy morning, the prospects for repair looked grim--the repair guy is very pricey and a long weekend was looming.  "We're Doomed" I thought, but just then co-worker Paul Cotter walked in, and being the great helper filled with alacrity and patience, he fixed the broken time clock and saved the Library countless hours of hassle and piles of money.  It's people like Paul who really float this Large boat! - Jack Ritchie, Circulation Day Supervisor, University Library.

Lisa Andresen, Dan O'Brien, Talmadge Savage, Eric Malvestiti, Tracy Ramsdell, Holly Galbraith, Maryann Plourde, Robert Coe, Rhonda Nilsson, Robert Kubacek, Phyllis Mitchell, Don Duvall, Raul Ramirez, Colleen Kubacek, Jessica Curry, Julianne Callan, Joe Shankles, Tiffany Perry, Dennis Dunn, Sarah Anderson, Steve Joiner, Victoria Chavez, Maria Villa, Silvia Guerrero, Jan Owen, Jessica Gardener, Tarik Kanaana, Danny Fox, Kindra Kautz - Dining Services

In recognition of all Dining Services employees for their continued excellent professional service and food preparation for the SSU community. Dining Services employees quality of accomplishments were especially evident on Thursday, June 5, 2008 at our annual Staff Apprecation Day. All employees attending the event were provided with a high dining service standard helping to make the day a pleasure for all. Thank you to all Dining Services Employees. - Liona Spring, RPA, General Services.

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