Thumbs UpMatt Benney, Robin Draper, Laurie Ogg, Jean Wasp and Sara Young

"University Development would like to recognize the collaborative efforts of Matt Benney, Robin Draper, Laurie Ogg, Jean Wasp and Sara Young that resulted in a recent gift commitment of more than $40,000 from Judy and Joe Gappa. The Gappas first became engaged with Sonoma State through a donation to the Green Music Center. Because of their passion for education, they wanted to be further involved and have established the Yes, We Can! Scholarship Fund to assist low-income students. To learn more about this scholarship visit: Without the teamwork of Matt, Robin, Laurie, Jean and Sara, this gift would not have been possible. Please join us with some big high-fives for these five awesome SSU staff members!"

—Patricia McNeill, Vice President for University Development

Thumbs UpHenry Amaral, Herb Dickerson, John Goelz, Jared Holmgren, Jay Hubbard, Willie Lee, Bruce Lindsley, Ira Mckern, Joseph Mcniff, Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, Frank Nides and Tommy Stokes

"Kinesiology and Athletics have many to thank for helping them reorganize and bring in the new equipment. Because of the efforts of these individuals we were able to safely move this equipment. The entire team provided great assistance on such a large and daunting task making the entire process effortless. Thanks to Henry Amaral and his crew Jay Hubbard, Joseph Mcniff, Jared Holmgren, the equipment practically moved itself. Thanks to Coach John Goelz for lending us his muscles Morgan Rodriquez, Troy Brown, Jeremy Brown, Cory Sunday, Jonathan Flynn, Eric Cammal, and Garrett Gooselaw. Many others were vital to this move including Willie Lee who lent his truck, and his emotional support. We would also like to thank Herb Dickerson, Bruce Lindsley, Tommy Stokes, Ira Mckern, Alonso Gonzalez-Yanez, and Frank Nides in facilities for their contributions with modifying, repairing, and creating a new look and feel for the weight room. Thank you for a job well done!"

—Gloria Allen, Kinesiology

How To Nominate Someone for an Applause Award

To nominate someone, or a group of people, for an Applause Award, please contact Dana Stekkinger, Human Resources Manager. Include the name(s) and department(s) of the nominee(s), reasons for nomination and your own name. Send nominations to

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