About Applause Awards

The Applause Award Program provides faculty and staff with the ability to nominate an employee who demonstrates behavior which exemplifies performance related to the program criteria (see the Applause Award website). Nominations for the program may be made by any member of the SSU community, and are accepted continually. To nominate someone, complete and submit the Nomination Form (LDAP username and password required).

Applause Awards

thumbs up Matt Bedford, Building Service Engineer, Facilities Services

"During our requested maintenance service on April 12 to the two clean/fresh air ventilation systems in Reprographic's press room, Matt Bedford identified the necessary critical corrections to restore the fresh air ventilation system to operational standards. Matt always responds promptly and professionally to our service requests. We appreciate and value Matt's quick attention and knowledge to Reprographic's press room's building engineering needs."

— Nominated by Liona Spring, Reprographic Process Assistant

thumbs upJoe McNiff, Laborer, and Henry Amaral, Lead Mover and Events Coordinator, Facilities Services

"On April 12, Joe McNiff and Henry Amaral quickly replenished Reprographics press room hand soap dispensers for each of our three shop area sinks and replaced with new dispensers where needed. Joe and Henry's prompt and friendly response to our service request is truly appreciated."

— Nominated by Liona Spring, Reprographic Process Assistant

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