September 23, 2008

Garden Allies: A fundraising workshop on beneficial insects

To raise money for the Entomology Education and Outreach Program, the Sonoma State School of Science and Technology will host a benefit workshop entitled "Garden Allies: Beneficial Insects and Other Helpful Garden Denizens". The workshop will be held on Saturday, Oct. 25 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Darwin 103. There is limited seating, contact Frederique Lavoipierre at (707) 829-0751 or to reserve a space.

The Entomology Education and Outreach program provides presentations for local school gardens and classrooms for grades K-8 as well as workshops for garden groups and other organizations.

Tickets are available for $35 ($25 tax-deductible) by contacting Frederique Lavoipierre at (707) 829-0751 or There are a limited number of seats so reserve a spot soon.

The workshop will include these lectures and events:

Meet the Garden Allies: How to Control Pests without Pesticides;
Powerpoint lecture on beneficial insects and the advantages of conservation biological control. Presenter Frederique Lavoipierre is author of the Pacific Horticulture magazine series 'Garden Allies', coordinator of the SSU Entomology Outreach program, and director of the SSU Sustainable Landscape Program.

Creating Beautiful Habitats:
Powerpoint lecture on creating attractive and effective habitats for beneficial insects and other garden inhabitants. Presenter Kate Frey is an instructor in the SSU Sustainable Landscape Program, winner of two gold medals at the Chelsea Garden Show in London, and works as a landscape designer and consultant.

A Look Through the Lens:
A close-up look at some of the insects that keep gardens healthy, using high-quality microscopes. Includes a tour of the SSU Museum entomology collections, and displays of posters and exhibits developed for the outreach program.

Garden Tour:
A tour of the SSU gardens: the demonstration garden at the Center for Sustainable Communities, and the Butterfly and Native Plant gardens.

Jean Wasp
Media Relations Coordinator
University Affairs
(707) 664-2057