December 18, 2009

Sonoma State Campus Community Urged To "Do More to Help Drive Funding to CSU and Higher Education"

Presidents of Sonoma State University and the Sonoma Chapter of California Faculty Association sent a message to the campus community this week urging faculty, staff and students to "do more to help drive more funding to the CSU and higher education" to solve the crisis of underfunding that is taking its toll on university campuses in California.

The message is timed to provide input for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as he puts together his state budget proposal to be delivered in early January.

The message from Ruben ArmiƱana, President, Sonoma State University Andy Merrifield, President, Sonoma Chapter of California Faculty Association read:

"We are all aware of the economic crisis facing the State of California, the United States and the world and that this crisis has led to significant underfunding for the students and employees of Sonoma State University and the other 22 campuses of the California State University. All parts of the SSU community have been working to do what they can to protect the mission of our campus. That work is making a difference in Sacramento.

The CSU Board of Trustees has adopted a 2010-11 budget request that includes an additional $884 million for the 23 campuses to "recover and reinvest" in the CSU. California Faculty Association (CFA) has put together an "E-March" to urge support of full funding for the CSU. We are asking each of us to do more to help drive more funding to the CSU and higher education.

We would like to ask that you consider writing the elected members of the California Legislature and the Governor of the State to let them know that underfunding the university has direct negative impacts on each of us.

We have heard individual stories from students, parents, staff, faculty and administration that illustrate these points. Please include these specific examples--which carry great weight--in your letters.

We realize that this is a very busy time of year, but it is also the right time of the year to tell our story. The Governor is putting together his proposed budget for the State of California and the California State University to be delivered in early January. The legislature will be looking closely at his proposal.

Please go to for the contact information for elected officials serving Sonoma State University's district.

For those students from other parts of the state, you can find the addresses of your elected officials at or at the Advocacy Center @ SSU at"

Jean Wasp
Media Relations Coordinator
University Affairs
(707) 664-2057