February 10, 2010

Campus Calendar For The Week Of Feb. 28-March 6

Campus Life

hrat.jpgHUMAN RIGHTS AWARENESS TOUR. Associated Students Productions, in collaboration with JUMP, present The Human Rights Awareness Tour, aimed at letting people know in a positive way about the existence and benefits of human rights. The HRAT wants to show that human rights are a positive force and a cause for celebration, but ultimately they want people to come to their own conclusions about the best way to support these rights. Mon., March 1 and Tues., March 2. (707) 664-2382. http://www.sonoma.edu/as/asp

This workshop is designed to help students create an action plan to continue the HRAT goals of raising awareness and designing education programs about Human Rights issues once the tour leaves. The action plan will focus on continuing efforts to positively promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, non-profit organization campaigns, and grassroots community building and organizing. Noon-1 p.m., Mon., March 1. Student Union Multipurpose Room. (707) 664-2382. http://www.sonoma.edu/as/asp

SWEATSHOP FREE FASHION SHOW. ASP presents No Sweat Fashion Show, intended to give students the option of making a difference in the world just by being a consumer; catalogs and coupons are available at the show. Several sweatshop free clothing companies will be displayed that uphold strong worker ethics and comply with the 23RD article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 8-10 p.m., Mon., March 1. Cooperage. (707) 664-2382. http://www.sonoma.edu/as/asp


dougsingleton.jpg"EXTRA DIMENSIONS"- Doug Singleton (left), Physics Professor, and Chair of the Department of Physics, Fresno State University lectures on the topic of "Extra Dimensions." 4 p.m., Mon., March 1. Darwin 103. What Physicists Do Lecture Serieshttp://www.phys-astro.sonoma.edu/wpd/

"THE HISTORY OF JERUSALEM."-Nitzhia Shaked, Lecturer, Jewish Studies Department, San Francisco State University lectures. Jewish Studies Lecture Series. 7 p.m., Mon., March 1. Cooperage. (707) 664-3293. http://sonoma.edu/jewishstudies/

- Melinda Milligan, Sociology, discusses women's involvement in historic preservation in pre- and post-Katrina New Orleans, which is an element of her in-progress research on preservation issues in the city (Preservation in Progress: Historic Preservation Before and After the Storm). She assesses the experiences of women in the preservation community, including professionals, activists, and renovators, with an emphasis on the social and economic changes linked to the storm and the extent to which these changes have impacted preservation practices. Social Science Brown Bag Lecture Series, noon, Tuesday, March 2. Stevenson 2011. Holly Sautner, (707) 664-2112.

"THE MARRIAGE EQUALITY STRUGGLE IN CALIFORNIA"- Michael Nava, California Supreme Court Attorney, traces the history of the marriage equality struggle in California from the 1970s--when the legislature passed the law declaring marriage to be a union between a man and a woman--through the recent Proposition 8 decision. Queer Studies Lecture Series. Noon-12:50 p.m., Tues., March 2. Carson 20. (707) 664.2840. http://www.sonoma.edu/womenstudies/current_lectures.htm

BE MY GUEST- Frank Ryan, SSU alumni, guest lectures. In 2006 Ryan was included in the LA Weekly Biennial, which in a solo exhibition entitled Circadian Rhythm at Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles. Ryan received a MFA from UCLA in 2006 and his BFA in Painting from Sonoma State University in 2002. Art Department's Visiting Artists Series. Noon-12:55 p.m., Tues., March 2. Art 102. (707) 664-2364. http://www.sonoma.edu/art/visitingartists/

BUTTERFLIES- Dr. Kristjan Niitepold, Stanford University/University of Helsinki, lectures on butterflies. Biology Colloquium. Noon-1 p.m., Tues., March 2. Darwin 103. (707) 664-2189. http://www.sonoma.edu/biology/home/colloquium.shtml

fielddays.jpg"FIELD DAYS"- Professor Jonah Raskin, Communications Dept., and guests discuss Raskin's book Field Days: A Year of Farming, Eating and Drinking Wine in Northern California, which chronicles the renaissance in farming organically and eating locally that is unfolding in northern California. Sustainability Lectures. Noon, Wed., March 3. Schulz 3001

"PROBABILITY THEORY"- Professor Craig Tracy, Department of Mathematics, UC Davis lectures on "Central Limit Theorems in Probability Theory: Old and New." Math Colloquium. 4 p.m., Wed., March 3. Darwin 103. (707) 664-2368. http://www.sonoma.edu/math/nsf/colloquium.shtml

nonawillis.jpg"GIRLDRIVE: CRISS-CROSSING AMERICA, REDEFINING FEMINISM." Nona Willis-Aronowitz (left), 25-year-old journalist and cultural critic lectures on her book, "Girldrive," released in November 2009. 5-6:30 p.m., Modern Media Lecture Series. Wed., March 3. Warren Auditorium. (707) 664-3160. http://www.mediadialogueseries.org/

Lecture by Todd Ziesing, Terrace Software, San Francisco. Computer Science Colloquium. Noon, Thurs., March 4. Salazar 2016. (707) 664-2667. http://www.cs.sonoma.edu/cs_dept/events/

"IC DESIGN CHALLENGES IN NANO-SCALE ERA: TECHNOLOGY AND CIRCUITS PERSPECTIVE." Dr. Hamid Mahmoodi, EE Dept., San Francisco State University lectures. Engineering Science Lecture Series. 4:30-5:30 p.m., Thurs., March 4. Salazar 2009A. (707) 664-2030. http://sonoma.edu/engineering/lecture_series/

Music and Theater

"TRIO NAVARRO" Artists-in-Residence will perform Catoire's F Minor Piano Trio of 1900, along with works by Max Bruch and Gaspar Cassado. 4 p.m., Sun., Feb. 28. Ives Concert Hall. (707) 664-2235. http://www.sonoma.edu/performingarts/perf/cal_1002.shtml

KLEZMER CONCERT AND LECTURE- Robin Seletsky, SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College, accompanied by th Santa Rosa Junior Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Richard Loheyde introduce Klezmer music, its meaning and tradition. Open to all. 2010 Holocaust and Genocide Lecture Series. 4-5:40 p.m., Tues., March 2. Warren Auditorium, Ives Hall. http://www.sonoma.edu/holocaust/center.htm

melissaferrick.jpgMELISSA FERRICK IN CONCERT. ASP presents Melissa Ferrick (right), who has stunned audiences with her hometown folk-rock music since she burst onto the scene in the 1990's. With 14 albums under her belt, Ferrick is a legend in her own right. Accompanying her on stage will be Sonoma State's own Michal Jones. Free to SSU students, staff and faculty. $5 for general public. 7 p.m., Sat., March 6. Pub. (707) 664-2382. http://www.sonoma.edu/as/asp


"PSYCHO." By 1960, when Alfred Hithcock'sPsycho premiered in New York, nothing like it had existed before: it killed its star off after 40 minutes; audiences weren't allowed in the theater after the film had started; there was no happy ending, and it offered the most violent scene to date in American film. Sonoma Film Institute. 7 p.m., Fri., March 5. Warren Auditorium. General Admission is $6, $5 for non-SSU students and senior citizens, $4 for SFI members and children under 12, $2 for SSU students. (707) 664-2606. http://www.sonoma.edu/sfi/


The film traces the tangled trail from the two billion cups of coffee consumed each day back to the coffee farmers who produce the beans. "Black Gold" provides the most in-depth study of any commodity on film today and offers a compelling introduction to the "fair trade" movement galvanizing consumers around the globe. 5-8 p.m., Mon., March 1. Student Union multi-purpose room. (707) 664-2382. http://www.sonoma.edu/as/asp


FIELD DAYS-An exhibit based on Jonah Raskin's newest book FIELD DAYS A Year of Farming, Eating, and Drinking Wine in California which chronicles the renaissance in farming organically and eating locally that is unfolding in Northern California. Raskin tells of the year he spent on Oak Hill Farm - working the fields, selling produce at farmers' markets, and following it to restaurants. The exhibit highlights his experience with photos by Paige Green from Petaluma and Candi Edmondson of Oak Hill Farms. Also on exhibit are materials from the University Library's Special Collections and items on loan from the Sonoma County Museum. Jan. 27-March 21. University Library Art Gallery. http://library.sonoma.edu/about/gallery.html

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