March 1, 2010

Spring Conference for Girls Offers Career Exploration in Math and Science Jobs

How high should an airplane fly? What does it take to plan a safe trip in the air? Who designs surgical devices?

These are just two of the many mind-expanding workshops offered at the 18th annual Expanding Your Horizons Conference for 7th and 8th grade young women from throughout Sonoma, Lake, and Mendocino counties on Sat., March 20 at Sonoma State University.

Attendance is limited to 400 students. Registration deadline is March 10 and the fee is $15 per student. Snacks and lunch are included.

Expanding Your Horizons is intended to increase the awareness of young women and their parents of the importance of adequate preparation in math and science.

The conference consists of hands-on workshops offered to foster awareness of the wide range of career options for women in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology-based fields, as well as to provide opportunities to meet and talk with women who work in these fields to increase young women's awareness of the need for early career exploration.

Some of the other workshops available at the spring science conference include architecture/urban design, engineering and computer science, kinesiology and health, and environmental sciences.

EYH will be holding workshops for parents and educators as well. These include, planning for education after high school, parenting teenage girls and more.

Students can register online at or call the EYH Information Line at (707) 664-2241 for further information.

To view the conference workshops and schedule, visit the EYH website at

Jean Wasp
Media Relations Coordinator
University Affairs
(707) 664-2057