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The Possibility of a Sustainable Future Explored
in Green Building Lecture and Film Series

Do 'Green' building methods herald the next industrial revolution?

How do major cities in Northern California apply responsible energy strategies?

Answers can be found in the Green Building Lecture and Film Series at Sonoma State University scheduled in the next few months. Discussions and documentaries are aimed at informing the public about the importance of Green Building, renewable energy, and how these technologies can develop a sustainable future.

The series is held Wednesday afternoons and evenings at the Environmental Technology Center at SSU, as well as in the Community Room at the Cotati Police Facility. The series is free to students and low-income guests, but a donation of $20 is requested. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Upcoming events include:

Feb. 18: "Buildings, Energy and Climate: Science Economics, and
Social Realities, Doing the Right Thing" With the film "Next Industrial Revolution"

Feb. 25:"High Performance Heating and Cooling Systems"

Mar. 3: "Publicly-funded Energy Efficiency Programs"

Mar. 10: "Cool Tools for Energy Efficiency"

Mar. 17: "San Francisco: National Leader in Responsible Energy"
With a film of the 2003 Bioneers Conference Plenary Session

Mar. 24: "Sustainable Community Planning"

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