Enrollment Verification

How to Order Enrollment Verification

Enrollment Verifications can be requested through your Student Center or by filling out the Enrollment Verification Form.

You can request verification of your SSU enrollment from Admissions and Records by completing this Enrollment Verification Form. We can verify your current enrollment, and enrollment of following semester if you have registered for classes for following semester.

Please send the following information to the Office of the Registrar:

  • All names you have used, including maiden name
  • SSN
  • Birthdate
  • Contact information including: daytime phone number and email address
  • Semesters to be verified as well as academic year
  • Name and address of where you wish them sent or fax number
  • Your address in case we have to return your request

Important! You must include a signature with your letter or we will have to return your request.

Mailing address for the Office of the Registrar is:

Admissions and Records
Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

You may also fax your request (with signature) to: (707) 664-2060

You may also scan and email your request (with signature) to: transcripts@sonoma.edu

How to Access Enrollment Verification through MySSU

View instructions as PDF.

1. Log onto your MySSU and click Student Center

2. Under Academics go to the drop-down menu and click Enrollment Verification

3. To view and print Enrollment Verification from home, click "Allow to Print from My Browser."
Important: If you choose this option, the Enrollment Verification will not have the Registrar's signature or Sonoma State seal.

4. If Enrollment Verification needs to be signed with the Registrar's signature and stamped with an official seal, click "Request Institution to Mail."

5. If you are requesting the institution to mail your Enrollment Verificaiton, fill out the "Recipient Address Information" section

  • If you click "Send to My Address," the address that you have as your mailing address in your Student Center will be input.
  • Under "Send to" type in the name of the individual or institution you want your Enrollment Verification sent to.
  • Click "Edit Address" to input address.
  • Once all sections are filled, click "Add."
  • Once completed, it will take the office 1-2 business days to process your Enrollment Verification.