How to Read and Understand your SSU Transcript

SSU Unofficial On-line Transcripts are used by faculty and staff for advising purposes. NOTE: this service is only available to SSU students who are to CURRENTLY ENROLLED. All other students will need to follow the instructions on How To Request An Official Transcript

On this page you can also jump to...Transcript Details/ GPA Calculator/ Course Attributes


In Academics, select:

Using the drop down menu, Select 'Transcript: View Unofficial' and click on the transcript

The following page will open. Click on 'Go'

Your unofficial transcript will open


Transcript Details

Note the difference between the first two columns:

  • Column 1  lists ALL units a student has registered for regardless of whether the student withdrew from the course.
  • Column 2  lists the units that count towards the degree.

Computing Your GPA

One useful tool when calculating your GPA is the GPA calculator.


Course Attributes

Courses that fulfill General Education requirements are indicated by a course attribute.The corresponding GE area is indicated.

Please see the notes in the image below: