Reading Your Academic Requirements Report

These are instructions for students. FACULTY: Go to to www.registration/faculty_help/faculty_arr.html for instructions on how to run the ARR from the Advisor Center, but you can use this page to learn how to read the ARR.


From your Student Center, you can view your Academic Requirements Report (formerly known as the DPR). This report tracks the completion of all degree requirements.

  • The ARR is a report that tracks the completion of ALL degree requirements in one place
  • Lists all courses completed at SSU, uses courses in-progress, and any transfer or test credit courses that have been submitted on official documents
  • The ARR is dynamic and displays new information:
    • After registration
    • After grades are posted and Records runs their repeat checking process
    • After a major or minor is changed

1.) From your Student Center page, click on "My Academics" from your Student Center

2.) Getting to ARR: From the My Academics page, find "Academic Requirements" and click on "View my Advisement Report".

3.) NOTE: Faculty, Advisors and Students. At this point you should be viewing the Academic Requirement Report. See figure below.

  1. Current Academic Objective contains all officially declared Majors and Minors.
  2. Requirement Term refers to Catalog year requirements.

4.) The “Degree Audit icons” (left area) will indicate completion status of requirements throughout the report.

5.) The “Course Icons” (right area) indicate what kind of course was used towards that requirement

A course taken at and Completed with a Grade at SSU
A course being taken at SSU, but still needs to be graded before it clears any requirements
Transfer or Test Credit that has been posted to your student record, submitted to SSU on official documents
Course being used during a What-If report simulation

6.) You can view different sections of your ARR. These include: Academic Objective and Academic Summary, General Information about the ARR, Report Legend and Graduation Requirements. See figure below:

7.) Below are the requirement icons:

8.) Below is an example of courses that are being used to meet a requirement. Note that a course must receive a Grade before it will satisfy the requirement: