Interested in an amazing student driven environment where community, human awareness & diversity, leadership, service, and FUN is paramount? MOSAIC, an acronym for "Making Our Space An Inclusive Community", is a living and learning community made with you in mind. MOSAIC is a living and learning community intentionally focused on getting students, faculty and staff fully collaborating and engaged in their community and the world around them in new innovative ways. Residents in MOSAIC are enrolled in two to three classes together in the fall and spring semester that are taught by a vibrant and diverse faculty who are also a part of the unique MOSAIC family and community.

Students who reside in the MOSAIC living area will be assigned to the Zinfandel Village.

Mission & MOSAIC S.E.A.L.S

MOSAIC is founded on five guiding principles called MOSAIC SEALS:

  • Service & Civic Engagement
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership & Personal Development
  • Social Responsibility & Social Justice

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Through active participation in the MOSAIC community, students will:

  • Recognize the value of life-long civic engagement and social responsibility through active participation in program objectives such as service learning. (Service & Civic Engagement)

  • Demonstrate knowledge of cultural sensitivities. (Embracing Diversity)

  • Recognize the value of life-long learning through continual education opportunities inside and outside the classroom. (Academic Excellence) increase awareness of their own and others' values, and will learn to assess their own identity development in relation to others. (Leadership & Personal Development)

  • Increase their ability to be effective allies by addressing behavior that detracts from the development of a positive multicultural community. (Social Responsibility & Social Justice)

  • Campus leadership opportunities

  • Development of effective relationships with faculty, advanced student leaders, and other professional staff

  • Continual engagement in dialogue about what it means to be socially responsible and a citizen of the world

  • Exploration of career and learning goals both in the classroom and outside as they relate to issues of human awareness and diversity

  • Opportunity to live in a unique community of learners that are dedicated to working towards social justice

  • A "Safe Space" where differences can be openly explored and where all are welcomed

The MOSAIC living/learning community is housed in Semillon in Zinfandel Village, which includes the Residential Life office, Study Lounge, Service Desk, and Zinfandel Pool. To maintain a small, close-knit community where students have the opportunity to create one-on-one relationships with faculty and staff associated with the program, space is limited to 46 residents.

There is no additional fee to participate in the program, even though there are many additional benefits provided by both the Residential Life Office and the academic departments. No English placement or Math placement requirements. Because there is the living component, students must live on-campus in the MOSAIC building their entire freshman year. Failure to maintain enrollment in all MOSAIC courses will result in a forfeit of the MOSAIC contract and students will be required to move to a different building or village, space permitting.

MOSAIC Students become leaders
MOSAIC students, faculty, and student staff are engaged in a holistic approach in addressing social justice and change in the classroom, the residential community, on campus, and beyond. Through active involvement in MOSAIC students are prepared to be the change they seek in the world by putting their classroom into action by taking on various campus leadership positions.

Peer Advisor Staff
One of the signature points of the MOSAIC Program is the utilization of Peer Advisors who play a critical role in connecting the classroom to the living room. Each MOSAIC cohort has one Peer Advisor, who is an upperclassman with advanced leadership experience. In the fall, the Peer Advisor co-teaches a specialized section of University 102 (First Year Experience Transitions course) with a faculty member who is knowledgeable about diversity and social justice. The Peer Advisor also sets-up outside of the class field trips, events with faculty members and teaches their students how to set up study groups within their community.

Strong Faculty Commitment

Strong connections with the 3 faculty complement the MOSAIC program. The importance of faculty commitment to this program is affirmed by out of class involvement with students at meals, study sessions, field trips, theatre trips, and receptions.

Links With Core Curriculum
In the fall, MOSAIC students are enrolled together in University 102 (First Year Experience Transitions course).  MOSAIC students are also enrolled together in a yearlong course specially reserved for MOSAIC students related to the theme of social justice and diversity, while earning GE credit.  The classes are integrated into the programs and activities offered in the residential community. Therefore, students can apply what they are learning in one class to all the classes and what they are engaging in outside of the classroom.

Civic Engagement Projects
We know the value of learning through doing and strive to teach our students about Sonoma State and surrounding community through direct engagement. A variety of service-learning and civic engagement projects are woven into the curriculum to give students direct experience in their field of interest, contribute to our local community, and build pride in what MOSAIC students can accomplish.

First Year Experience as a Cornerstone
The First Year Experience course is the cornerstone for the MOSAIC theme by providing a base from which integration and collaboration among the courses linked to each theme stem.

  • Must live on campus in the designated MOSAIC building, the entire academic year. No exceptions.

  • Maintain enrollment in all MOSAIC courses both Fall and Spring semesters. No exceptions.

  1. Check each program to determine its individual requirements.
  2. Select MOSAIC as your desired Academic Community when you complete your online Housing License Agreement. This process takes place through the Housing Office in the spring.

Prospective students who are interested in being a part of the MOSAIC program should contact:

For residential and programming questions:
Becky Young
Area Coordinator

For course registration and enrollment questions:
Alvin Nguyen
FLC Coordinator