Themed Communities

What are Themed Communities?

Themed Communities are a great way to build connections by living and engaging with peers who share common majors, interests, and goals. Themed Communities provide a unique opportunity for students to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities around a specific theme that is not connected to a course of study. Themed communities provide additional opportunities for participation in a residential program that is uniquely designed to help first year students find and pursue their passions. Themed Living Communities were designed to foster within each resident a sense of pride, investment in their community, and a desire to contribute positively to their living environment.. Overall, themes are meant to promote the holistic development of students, from maintaining wellness to seeking outdoor adventure.

Themed Communities are located throughout the residential community and can be found in the Cabernet Village, Verdot Village and Sauvignon Village. Cabernet Village is home to one of the Wellness Communities and will be able to capitalize on the apartment setting of the village, and the Demonstration Kitchen located in there as well. Verdot is home to our Adventure Themed Community. Close proximity to the Rec Center and the sports fields with the community will play a big part in the programing offered to its residents. Residents of the Sauvignon Themed Living Communities will have strong relationships with not only their Community Service Advisor (CSA), but their Themed Living Advisor, who will provide them with resources and activities closely related to their community’s theme. The expected level of engagement in Themed Living Communities is high; residents will meet regularly as a suite with their Themed Living Advisor and participate consistently in community building activities facilitated by either their CSA or TLA (sometimes both!).

Why Choose a Themed Community?

Themed Communities are a GREAT way to:

  • Meet and connect with people
  • Live with people who have interests similar to your own
  • Be a part of a close community
  • Become familiar with and connected to University resources
  • Gain knowledge and experience in an area of interest
  • Explore topics related to your holistic development rather than academic courses 


Themed Community Living Options

Academic Achievement

This community is for students excited and determined to achieve their educational goals! Research shows that academic engagement is critical to the development and retention of first year college students. The Academic Achievement community welcomes diverse majors and interests along with those of various past academic success levels. This community is designed specifically for incoming first-year students who are seeking a community where they will engage with like-minded roommates and neighbors who see their schoolwork as a major priority.​

Adventure Living

This community is for students interested in exploring programs and activities around campus and throughout Sonoma County.  Sonoma County’s proximity to the ocean, mountains with great hiking and biking trails, and the greater Bay Area provide a great setting for exciting exploration. The Adventure Living Themed Community is available in the Verdot Village.

Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts community is for students already immersed in or for those that want to learn more about different artistic expressions which include, but are not limited to visual art, performance art, and creative writing. As members of this community residents are encouraged to explore their artistic possibilities on the SSU campus by attending events at the Green Music Center and the greater Bay Area. All students, regardless of artistic background or major, are invited to take part in an engaging and vibrant community that explores the various mediums of the arts and their impact in society. The Expressive Arts Themed Community is available in Sauvignon Village.

Global Engagement

A space community for students that are passionate about cultural exchange, global experiences, and creating an environment focused around the appreciation of difference. This community would be ideal for those students interested in arts, humanities, or education-related fields, and/ or those students who have already or plan to in future study abroad. Examples of programs for this theme include cultural enrichment events, international travel information sessions, faculty presentations, community volunteer opportunities that take students into new environments, and career exploration. The Global Engagement Themed Community is available in Sauvignon Village.

Leadership & Service

Students must be actively engaged in their surroundings in order to learn and grow in college. The leadership and service community will provide students the opportunity to participate in leadership development, service-learning, and community outreach. Students who want to seek different leadership opportunities or want to expand their leadership experience and become a Student Leader at SSU should consider this learning environment.The Leadership and Service Themed Community is available in Sauvignon Village.


A space for students to connect with peers who are excited about lifelong health and well-being for all. This community would be ideal for those students interested in the health-related or social science fields, and/ or those students committed to a substance-free lifestyle. Examples of programs for this theme include exercise program partnerships with the rec center, outdoor activities, stress relief activities, healthy cooking demonstrations, community health and wellness volunteer opportunities, and science-related career exploration. The Wellness Themed Community is available in the Cabernet and Sauvignon Villages.