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The safety of our students, faculty and staff is very important to us at Sonoma State University. As many people know, preparedness is the best defense to all emergencies that may occur. Emergencies occur daily and all public institutions are susceptible to them.

Sonoma State University has taken a proactive approach to preparedness and incident management. Emergency management is housed within Police Services here at the University. Dedicated personnel work daily towards strengthening campuses safety. Sonoma State University follows the standards and guidelines of the California State Office of Emergency Services and the Federal guidelines of the National Incident Management System. Employees of this University are trained to be in compliance with all state and federal emergency requirements. Sonoma State University has developed an emergency program which trains staff in response tactics and incident management. This program is constantly training new employees and updating and enhancing the training of existing employees. Continuous training and practice is the key to being prepared for any emergency. 

The Sonoma State University Emergency Management Program has developed a comprehensive emergency plan that is updated annually. Some information in the publicly available plan is removed for safety and security reasons.

If you have questions please contact Sonoma State University Police Services at 707-664-2143.

SSU Emergency Plan