Emergency Info Hotline



Evacuation of any campus building may be ordered due to fire, structural damage, or any other hazard recognized by an authorized University employee or emergency responder. Generally, evacuation will be ordered through public announcement, emergency notification, or in activation of the fire alarm.

State law mandates that all persons not responding to the emergency evacuate the building when an alarm sounds.

Evacuation Procedures

Upon the sounding of a fire alarm or other evacuation order, all persons are to gather their belongings (if it is safe to do so) and proceed, in an orderly manner, to the nearest emergency exit. If you encounter a closed fire door, turn around and proceed to the marked exit. Do not use elevators.

If you are unable to self-evacuate due to injury, disability, or other functional need, proceed to the nearest exit or stairwell, if possible, and call 911 to advise University Police of your location and need for assistance. Wait as long as it is safe to do so. If you are able to evacuate but are aware of the location of someone else unable to evacuate, notify an emergency responder when you are clear of the building or call 911.

Evacuate at least 50 feet from the building. If you see smoke or flame or are aware of a threat within the building, evacuate at least 100 feet from the building.

Assembly Areas

The University has designated assembly areas throughout the University where evacuees are to gather during a building evacuation. Common assembly areas allow for the consistent provision of medical care if necessary, accounting for persons, and consistent dissemination of information.

Each building is designated a primary and a secondary assembly area. Proceed to the primary area closest to the exit you used or to the area designated by your class (for students) or departments (employees).

Emergency Evacuation Assembly Area Map

All Clear

Do not reenter a building following an evacuation until an emergency responder or University Official has issued the "all clear." Even when a fire alarm is no longer sounding, it may not be safe to reenter the building. If you are unsure, you can contact an emergency responder or call University Police at (707) 664-4444 for more information.