Sonoma State SafeZone Logo

Welcome to the Safe Zone at Sonoma State University!

The SSU Safe Zone Program Mission is:

The Safe Zone’s mission is to support the LGBT+ * community at SSU.

The Safe Zone program will fulfill its mission by:

1. Identifying, educating and supporting faculty, staff and students who will be allies of students, staff and faculty who identify as LGBT+.

2. Providing Ally Training and providing a symbol that allies will display to provide tangible evidence of training and support of LGBT+ individuals and their allies within the campus and local communities.

3. Fostering a campus climate where, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, all individuals feel safe, supported, respected and affirmed.

4. Working to support the SSU policy of non-discrimination based on sexual orientation.

* An inclusive term for the lesbian, gay, bi, trans and many other communities. Individuals and groups may choose to identify or not identify with the traditional acronym.


CSU Executive Orders regarding discrimination:

Excellent video explaining why not to say "That's so gay."