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SSU Safe Zone Trainings

Safe Zone training are held the third Wednesday of every semester. Join us for the morning training from 9 -12 or the afternoon training from 1 – 4. The registration page will give you all the details. Coffee and snacks provided.

The purpose of the Safe Zone program can be found here. (

If your group would like to attend a training, contact us and we are happy to schedule a training for your group either during our regular trainings or another time. Plan to schedule the training for 3 – 3.5 hours. Email:

Carina Buzo
Laurel Holmstrom-Keyes
Lauren Morimoto
Jahred Nunes


We also offer 50 minute workshops on specific topics:

  • Gender Awareness in the Classroom and Beyond
  • Multidimensional Sexualities
  • Resources 2.0

Please contact us if you are interested in any of these.



"it was fast paced and thoughful. I didn't feel impatient or bored or rushed." - Faculty

“A very relaxed and comfortable environment” - Student

"Really great! The time felt long on paper but actually flew by. There was a great breadth of topics" - Staff

"So informative and delivered in a comfortable and open way" - Admin

"I appreciated the combination of discussion, role playing, videos, etc to devle into this material." - Staff

"Timing, pacing was smooth, allowed for questions." - Student

"I think this training was awesome! It was really smooth and kept my interest and makes me want to learn more." - Student

"The training was clear, informative and helpful." - Student


"Excellent handouts and resources, nice mix of media and activities" - Faculty

“The overall training was not only interesting, but accessible”- Student

"I found the training eye-opening, informative and confidence-building" - Faculty

"The training covered ALL levels of understanding on the LGBT+ spectrum - Thank you!" - Admin

"Activities gave me more awareness." - Student

"Now that I have so much information and resources to share with students, I feel more able to support our LGBT+ community." - Faculty

"I think this training is incredibly enlightening, educational and beneficial." - Student

"I had a lot of fun during this training!" - Student


“I would support anyone willing to confide in me”- Student

“I feel empowered” - Student

“I learned valuable lessons about making students fell validated and heard” - Faculty

“I will be recommending the training. It is a wonderful resource” - Faculty

“I think it should be required of all faculty” - Faculty

“I feel now that I’m better prepared to support someone in need” - Staff

“The training is essential to all employees on this campus” - Staff

“I want all members of this community to feel welcome and valuable” - Staff

"I feel empowerd to listen better and offer support" - Staff

"I feel that I am more informed and have a better understanding of how to support someone in what they are experiencing." - Student

"This training was eye-opening and informing to things I didn't realize or pay attention to." - Student

"I feel as though I have a responsbility as an informed person to help end ignorance and misinformation on campus."- Student

"I am inspired to help (listen, support) and not "fix." - Staff

"I realized how ignorant my previous actions have been." - Student

"The more you talk about subjects that maybe uncomfortable, the more comfortable the subject becomes" - Admin