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Sonoma State University's Community for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Learning (CELL) is leading a three-prong entrepreneurial movement in education. CELL's goals are to infuse entrepreneurial thinking into the educational system, launch and support entrepreneurial careers and businesses out of Sonoma State, and accelerate entrepreneurial action in the North Bay.

  1. Transform our Educational System at SSU and in the North Bay. Leadership and Innovation are central themes in our graduate and undergraduate academic programs and infused in how we train our students to become creative problem solvers, change agents, and innovators in the places they work and the communities they are a part of.
  2. Launch and Support Entrepreneurial Careers out of SSU.  Our students will spend their time at SSU becoming entrepreneurial thinkers who have launched their own businesses or are job ready as they step out on their career pathway.

    Makerspace and Innovation Lab: Funded by the National Science Foundation, Sonoma State University's signature Makerspace and Maker Program is a cross-campus academic partnership between the School of Business and Economics, School of Education, School of Science and Technology, and School of Arts and Humanity. The facility will house tools like 3D printers, a computer controlled mill, laser cutters, and micro controllers, as well as materials like electronics, cloth, fabric, leather, and more. The Makerspace and Innovation Lab, set to open in Fall 2017, is free to all faculty, staff, and students at Sonoma State University.

    Made by Seawolves: A retail student storefront made and run by students for students, where students sign-up as vendors to sell their arts, crafts, and products.
  3. Accelerate Entrepreneurial Action in the North Bay. We are an active member of the North Bay iHub, supporting entrepreneurship as a key ingredient for regional growth and prosperity. To that end, the School of Business and Economics has partnered with and supported entrepreneurial efforts and projects like the North Bay Make-a-thon, SSU's Makerspace and Innovation Lab, North Bay Investor Summit, and more.


"Entrepreneurial energy, behaviors and thinking are the life blood of any thriving economy.  Given the North Bay's commitment to the triple bottom line of social equity, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity, Sonoma State's role as the region's entrepreneurial epicenter comes naturally.

Our goal goes way beyond programs or graduating someone with an entrepreneurship degree.  Our aim is to ignite and infuse entrepreneurial thinking and behavior into our students, inside the School of Business and Economics, across Sonoma State University, and throughout our surrounding community.

Together, we'll have to de-mystify what entrepreneurship means, identify the places it already lives, promote the people already doing it in our community, challenge our daily habits, examine our support systems, and put best practice into practice. 

Today, our faculty and staff build conduits between the student population and private industry, focus on new business initiatives, develop and apply practical case studies, create relevant curriculum and workshops, conduct critical research, and fuel talent development programs. 

This change takes a village.  It takes you.  Please reach out to us to learn more about what is underway and to discuss your ideas."

Dr. Karen Thompson
Interim Dean

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