Minor in Business Administration

If you're not looking to major in business, but know that a general knowledge of business practices will support your career, then you should consider earning a minor from the Department of Business Administration.

The minor in Business Administration consists of the following 5 required courses:

  • BUS 230A Financial Accounting (4)
  • BUS 230B Managerial Accounting (4)
  • BUS 344 Organizational Behavior (4)
  • BUS 360 Introduction to Marketing (4)
  • BUS 370 Introduction to Managerial Finance (4)

The Business minor must consist of a minimum of 20 units in business administration and must be approved by the chair of the Business Administration department. In addition to the required courses listed above, additional coursework, chosen with consent of the department chair, may be selected as needed to obtain the 20-unit minimum.  (BUS 150, 211, 219, 270, 292, 295, 296, 388, 399, 495, and 499 may not be counted in the minor.)

Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.50 in order to apply for the Business minor.  Students must complete a Business Minor Declaration Form and a Change of Minor form and submit both to the Business Administration department office (STEV 2042).   Note that Business minors are only eligible to take one business administration course per semester.

Students must have completed BUS 230A and BUS 230B (or their transfer equivalents, as approved by the department chair) with a grade of C or better in order to be eligible to enroll in BUS 344, BUS 360, and BUS 370, and these three upper-division courses must be completed at Sonoma State University.  Students who are eligible to take BUS 344, BUS 360, and BUS 370 must submit a request form which is available in the department office (STEV 2042).  That form must be submitted before each semester's registration appointment in order to obtain a permission number that will waive department restrictions.

Please note: Minors can only take one business course a semester. Please understand that it will take 5 semesters to complete the minor.

Minor Advising

The Academic Advisor for the Business Administration Minor is Kirsten Ely. To schedule an appointment please send an email to kirsten.ely@sonoma.edu .

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