Professional Sales Certificate

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The Professional Sales Certificate will expose you to the various aspects of professional selling and the essential skills necessary to enter the field.

It equips you with a process for selling, focusing on skills to influence, communicate effectively, and provide valuable solutions as consultants who solve problems and create value for organizations.

sbesalesonesheetlowrestwo.jpgThe rise of "non-sales" selling

People spend about 40% of their time at work engaged in non-sales selling - persuading, influencing, and convincing others in ways that don't involve anyone making a purchase.

Across a range of professionals, we are devoting roughly 24 minutes of every hour to moving others to act.








Suggested four-year academic plan (21-22 units)

Year 1: ECON 205: Intro to Microeconomics (4) or BUS 211: Business Statistics (4)

Year 2: BUS 230A: Principles of Accounting (4)

Year 3: BUS 360: Intro to Marketing (4) [Prerequisites: ECON 205 or BUS 211; BUS 230A]

Year 3/4: Choose an Elective Course
             BUS 391: Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation (4)
             BUS 367: Consumer Behavior (4)
             BUS 499: Internship (3-4) [Mandatory pre-approval by SBE Internship Director]

Year 4: BUS 463: Sales Management and Personal Selling (4) [Prerequisites: BUS 360, Fall]
             BUS 493: Advanced Topics in Professional Sales (2) [Through Extended Education]
           [Prerequisites: BUS 360 and BUS 463.] 

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