SST Design and Repair Center

At the Schools of Science and Technology's Design and Repair Center students, faculty, research Tech's and Staff have access to machining services as well as design and repair. Our Facilities are located in Darwin Hall room 020.

We offer web site services including photos and layout. We can help you with accessibility and usability issues. If you have computer, hardware or software issues you will get the solution you need.

Our Equipment:

Central to the shops activities are the South Bend Lathe and the Bridgeport Knee Mill. We also have Rockwell and Powermatic band saws, Baldor Grinders and Rockwell Belt Grinder/Sander. Just added to are equipment are various pneumatic hand tools. Stop by for a short tour and give us feedback on what tools and materials you would like access too.

Recycle Through Re-use:

As many of you have found out old equipment is useful for parts or can be recycled by reuse. If you have equipment going off inventory let the DRC know, we might have a use for it.


Find out more, come visit our projects page.

Contact: John Collins
School of Science and Technology
Darwin Hall Room 020
Sonoma State University
1801 East Cotati Ave.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928-3609  
Office Phone:  707-664-2618


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Free-be, Loaner page

Researches Students and Faculty, check out the devices and compments available come by or call the DRC and find out more about free stuff...

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Petri Spinners Save Bio Big Buck$

Preparing petri dishes is a proverbial piece of pie with these little lazy susan's.spinner

For a grand total of $90 Biology got 12 of them from the DRC... See how they were made.

Long Term Projects: DRC Delivers

Dr. Nielsen has put her latest Detector housing into field testing. drnfeildtest The electronics housed within are delicate and costly; no reason to skimp. Find out more.