Summer HS Internship Program (SHIP)

The Summer High School STEM Internship Program (SHIP) is a partnership between the School of Science and Technology (SST) at Sonoma State University and the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE).

Since 2008, this program has matched top Sonoma County high school juniors with faculty mentors at SSU to collaborate on research projects in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition to $1,000 stipends, students are given opportunities to work on challenging research projects in state-of-the-art facilities and interact with faculty and SSU students in the university environment. These students then act as ambassadors to relay the highlights of their work to their classmates, friends, counselors, teachers, and principals during their senior years.

2015 Project List

The Summer 2015 awardees and their respective schools, projects and faculty mentors are as follows. Official SHIP interns are marked with an asterisk; all other students were volunteers.

Student + High School Faculty Mentor(s) Project Title
Alexandra Dobson*
Sonoma Valley High School
Dr. Sean Place
Department of Biology
Assessing the Cross-reactivity of Commercial Antibodies in Marine Invertebrates
Katherine Baney*
Technology High School

Dylan Ostermann*
Credo High School
Dr. Jennifer Whiles Lillig
Department of Chemistry
Characterization of the Key Molecular Features Involved in the Anti-microbial Activity of Bacteriocins
Ram Goli
Casa Grande High School

Nicole Gregorio*
Piner High School

Taylor Wang*
Montgomery High School
Dr. Monica Lares
Department of Chemistry
Identifying Key RNA-Protein Interactions to Optimize Targeted Cancer Therapies
Gabe Schoenbach*
Maria Carrillo High School
Dr. Ali Kooshesh
Department of Computer Science
Data Mining Academic Department Course Offerings
Samantha Von Gober*
Sonoma Valley High School
Dr. Jack Ou
Department of Engineering Science
Snap Circuits for Kids
Fiona Hall-Zazueta*
Orchard View School
Dr. Daniel Soto
Department of Environmental Studies and Planning
Estimation of Rural Electricity Demand
Ryan Cardiff*
Petaluma High School

Talia Petersen
Montgomery High School

Sierra Winter*
Maria Carrillo High School
Dr. Bülent Sökmen & Dr. Kurt Sollanek
Department of Kinesiology
The Effects of Intensity, Duration, and Mode of Exercise on Postprandial Glycemia and Resting Metabolism
Samuele Esperon*
Santa Rosa High School

Cassidy Mountjoy*
El Molino High School

Yui Shimokobe
Technology High School

Alexandra Tan
Maria Carrillo High School
Dr. Martha Shott
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Mathematical Modeling Challenge
Satya Karri*
Technology High School
Dr. Deborah Roberts
Department of Nursing
Planning for the Future From Ages 55-102: A Community-Wide Assessment
Claire Killian*
Casa Grande High School

David Yee
Casa Grande High School
Dr. Jeremy Qualls
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Development of Advanced Water Harvesting Prototype
Zane Kuser
Analy High School
Dr. Hongtao Shi
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Fabrication and Characterization of TiO2