Summer HS Internship Program (SHIP)

The Summer High School STEM Internship Program (SHIP) is a partnership between the School of Science and Technology (SST) at Sonoma State University and the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE).

Since 2008, this program has matched top Sonoma County high school juniors with faculty mentors at SSU to collaborate on research projects in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition to $1,000 stipends, students are given opportunities to work on challenging research projects in state-of-the-art facilities and interact with faculty and SSU students in the university environment. These students then act as ambassadors to relay the highlights of their work to their classmates, friends, counselors, teachers, and principals during their senior years.

2018 Timeline

The 2018 project list and applications will be available in mid-February.

Project List

The Summer 2017 awardees and their respective schools, projects and faculty mentors are as follows. The full project list for 2017 is posted at

Student + High School Faculty Mentor(s) Project Title
Iris Bica
Maria Carrillo High School
Dr. Joseph Lin
Department of Biology
Cloning of a Novel Enzyme from the Alkaline-tolerant Bacterium, Cellulomonas sp. Strain FA1
Paloma Velasquez
Windsor High School
Dr. Bogdan Negru
Department of Chemistry
Synthesis of Monodisperse Silver Nanoparticles
Lian Morales
Santa Rosa High School

Lucy Yang
Maria Carrillo High School
Dr. Monica Lares
Department of Chemistry
Characterizing the BAFF-R RNA Aptamer and its Targeted Cell Surface Protein Interactions to Elucidate the Potential of RNA Aptamers as Cell Specific Delivery Vehicles
Suhas Nagappala
Montgomery High School
Dr. Carmen Works
Department of Chemistry
Reactivity of Persulfides with Biologically Relevant Transition Metals
Lulabel Seitz
Petaluma High School
Dr. Mark Gondree
Department of Computer Science
Evaluating Pseudo-Random Number Generator Tests
Sai Nadendla
Casa Grande High School
Dr. Gurman Gill
Department of Computer Science
Using Deep Learning to Classify Animals in the Wild
Rebecca Fernandes
Technology High School

Nicholas Roland
Roseland University Prep

Dr. Owen Anfinson
Department of Geology
The Geologic History of Mt. Tamalpais
Sahaj Baweja
Technology High School

Veronica Olvera
Roseland University Prep
Dr. Deborah A. Roberts
Department of Nursing
Survey on Social Determinants of Health
Angel Tamang
Rancho Cotate High School
Dr. Tammy Brunk
Department of Nursing
Longitudinal Contraceptive Clinical Practice Guideline for Postpartum Teen Follow-up
Emma Quinlan
Orchard View School
Dr. Lynn Cominsky
Department of Physics and Astronomy; E/PO Group
Rocketry Experimentation and Investigations
Sara D'Ambrogia
Petaluma High School
Dr. Lynn Cominsky
Department of Physics and Astronomy; E/PO Group
Doing Astronomical Observations with the GLAST Optical Robotic Telescope
Marion Hall-Zazueta
Analy High School

Alyssa Schimm
Sonoma Valley High School
Dr. Jeremy Qualls
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Innovation Design
Calvin Jenkins
Technology High School
Dr. Hongtao Shi
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO Nanorods Using Hydrothermal Method

Questions? Contact: Cory Oates ( or 707-664-2171) or Dr. Suzanne Rivoire ( or 707-664-3337).