Federal Grant for Further Improvement of the Photonics Laboratory

Press Release: 10/21/2003

In August 2003 Sonoma State University was awarded a $300,000 Federal grant by the US Department of Education for further improvement of the photonics laboratory within the Cerent engineering science complex. Under the direction of the Principal Investigator, Dean Saeid Rahimi, the main focus of this grant will be to set up laser systems for micromachining, spectroscopy, and holography in the lasers laboratory within the photonics lab area. Additionally, the grant will allow purchase of some equipment, software and materials for the Keck Microanalysis, Human-Computer Interaction, and Electronics laboratories for developing experimental set ups that will ultimately benefit the photonics laboratory's capability for research and education. The new equipment and experimental set ups will enable physics and engineering science students to engage in exciting design and research projects. The School of Science and Technology faculty and students would like to express their deep appreciation to Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey for facilitating this important grant to Sonoma State University.

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last updated: December 15, 2005