Student Support in Science & Technology

The School of Science and Technology at Sonoma State University welcomes new and continuing students to an active community of scientists, health professionals, and engineers. We encourage students to take advantage of academic support services and resources to enhance their educational experience. Below is a list of available support and opportunities.

Study Spaces:

  • Math Lab, Darwin 108
  • Darwin Lobby and MESA Corner
  • Library and Learning Academic Resource Center (LARC), Schulz First Floor

Free Tutoring:

Student Success Programs:

SSU and SST sponsor several programs for broadening the participation of disadvantaged students in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering.

Research Opportunities:

  • Make an appointment or drop in with Dr. Megan D'Errico to get started and figure out next steps.
  • Check with your department to learn more about opportunities to become involved in research or service opportunities in your major.
  • Fund your project through a student SOURCE award or Steve Norwick award.
  • Receive training in environmental education or land management through the SSU Center for Environmental Inquiry.

Present Your Research (SSU Science Symposium):

Students from the School of Science and Technology are invited to showcase their research, scholarship and creative activities on campus during Day 2 of the Symposium of Research & Creativity. The SSU Symposium is a two day event, occurring each spring semester, that recognizes the outstanding scholarly accomplishments of SSU students. Other conferences that are friendly to undergraduate presenters are regional conferences of large professional organizations. Students should ask upper division peers or faculty mentors for ideas.