About Seawolf Commitment


In October 2014 a group of students and professional staff from different areas of the university (Residential Life, Associated Students, Associated Student Programs, President’s Diversity Council, and The Hub) met in response to a bias incident where an unidentified person wrote 2 hateful words on a student’s whiteboard in the residential community. This bias incident ignited a campus community discussion where the SSU student body voiced their concerns about the negative experiences our students of color and other marginalized groups on campus face every day. The students wanted to create ways to educate the community about issues of civility and what it means to be a Seawolf. At the end of the semester the group concluded two things:

  • Our campus community lacked an appreciation and understanding for the many different identities that make up our student body.
  • We wanted to establish a collective identity for all Seawolves.

Click here for a copy of the Seawolf Commitment Card.


The committee brainstormed the best way to address our conclusions and landed on creating a set of values that would define what it means to be a Seawolf. After much discussion, the values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence and Responsibility were chosen as pillars of a new program called The Seawolf Commitment.

In addition, the committee wanted to engage the entire Seawolf community in education that would foster a new campus culture focused on the advancement of civility, diversity and equity at SSU that would truly help to illuminate what it means to be a Seawolf.  In order to achieve this, the committee came up with the following goals:

  • Educate the student body on the values of the commitment and have students define the words for themselves
  • Work with campus partners in order to create/sustain funding and support
  • Incorporate the Seawolf Commitment into the first year and transfer student orientation programs
  • Provide information to students about the current SSU reporting channels should they or someone they know experience issues of hate and discrimination


The notion of what it means to be a Seawolf is applicable to the entire SSU community: students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Our vision includes the following:

      • Embrace the values of The Seawolf Commitment
      • Engage in creating a community where everyone feels welcome and included
      • Educate yourself and Take Action against hate, and bias in our community