How Can I Get Involved?

Getting involved can be as easy as putting up a poster in your work/living area, confronting/carefronting a comment or action that goes against the values of the commitment, or helping someone to report violations of the Bias Response or Non-Discrimination policies.  There is nothing magical about the words Respect, Responsibility, Excellence and Integrity. The magic is when we, as a community, educate ourselves, work together to bring it to life and to help make SSU free from intolerance, bias and discrimination.

If you would like a poster for your area, someone to come talk to your club or organization, or would like to talk about how you can get involved, email or


Seawolf Commitment in our Community

Seawolf Commitment Recognition Program

The Seawolf Commitment Recognition program is designed to acknowledge SSU students who have displayed the commitment and made a difference to the SSU community and or local and global community. The values of the commitment include Integrity, Respect, Excellence, and Responsibility. If you have a student who embodies the commitment through their actions please submit a nomination today!

If you would like to nominate someone who is living the commitment, go to the submission website.

Seawolf Commitment Lecture Series

In the Fall of 2016, we kicked off a speaker series with Nyle DiMarco and Ice T. Both spoke about their careers, history and rising above internal and external challenges to succeed in respecting themselves and others, striving for excellence in all they do, and taking responsibility for being advocates for others. Watch for more lectures in the months to come at

SSU Leadership Positions

Help to educate others by being involved in our SSU Leadership Programs. The Commitment is kicked off each year at Summer Orientation and at Summer Bridge and throughout the year in the Residence Halls, in the Classrooms, in our Clubs and Organizations, Student Government and on the courts and fields through the Campus Recreation Programs and Athletics. 


For more information on getting involved in leadership, visit:

Associated Students   

Center for Student Leadership Involvement and Service (CSLIS)  

Seawolf Leadership: Peer mentor, Interactive Theatre, Summer Bridge, Summer O

Residential Life Leadership Positions  (Community Service Advisor, Themed Living Advisor)