Chairs of the Faculty

Faculty Chairs attending the Emeritus Dinner in Fall 2013, the 50th anniversary of the Academic Senate
From left to right: Ben Ford, Ken Marcus, Noel Byrne, Margaret Purser, John Wingard, Susan Moulton, Yvette Fallandy
Steve Orlick, Martha Rapp Ruddell, Tim Wandling, Phil Temko, Helen Dunn

Academic Year Name of Chair
1961-1962 Herbert Fougner. Education
1962-1963 Cheryl Peterson, Political Science
1963-1964 Richard Madden, Education
1964-1965 Kenneth Stocking, Biology
1965-1966 William O. Cord, Foreign Languages
1966-1967 Galen Clothier, Biology
1967-1968 Warren E. Olson, Hutchins
1968-1969 Joe Brumbaugh, Biology
1969-1970 Steve Pickett, Library
1970-1971 Ken Marcus, Political Science
Fall 1971 Duncan Gillies, Education
Spring 1972 Mildred Dickemann, Anthropology
1972-1973 Frank Siroky, Psychology
1973-1974 Ella Trussell, Health Sciences and Physical Education
1974-1975 Clement E. Falbo, Mathematics
1975-1976 Jean Day, Library
1976-1977 Cheryl Peterson, Political Science
1977-1978 Eli Katz, Linguistics
1978-1979 Warren E. Olson, Hutchins
1979-1980 Mary Arnold, Foreign Languages
1980-1981 Mildred Dickemann, Anthropology
1981-1982 Robert Brown, History
1982-1983 Barry Godolphin, Psychology
1983-1984 William Poe, History
1984-1985 Phil Temko, Philosophy
1985-1986 Dan Markwyn, History
1986-1987 Helen Dunn, English
1987-1988 Larry Snyder, Music
1988-1989 Leonide Martin, Nursing
1989-1990 Ken Marcus, Criminal Justice
1990-1991 Yvette Fallandy, Modern Languges
1991-1992 William Barnier, Mathematics
1992-1993 Arthur Hills, Music
1993-1994 Ardath Lee, Hutchins
1994-1995 Charles Merrill, Psychology
1995-1996 Martha Rapp Ruddell, Education
1996-1997 Melinda Barnard, Communication Studies
1997-1998 Sue Parker, Anthropology
1998-1999 Steve Orlick, Environmental Studies & Planning
1999-2000 Andy Merrifield, Political Science
2000-2001 Phil McGough, Business Administration
2001-2002 Rick Luttmann, Mathematics
2002-2003 Noel Byrne, Sociology
2003-2004 Catherine Nelson, Political Science
2004-2005 Melanie Dreisbach, Education
2005-2006 Elizabeth Stanny, Business Administration
2006-2007 Elaine Newman, Mathematics
2007-2008 Timothy Wandling, English
2008-2009 Scott Miller, Writing Center
2009-2010 Susan Moulton, Art and Art History
2010-2011 John Wingard, Anthropology
2011-2012 Ben Ford, Mathematics and Statistics
2012 - 2014 Margaret Purser, Anthropology (first time a chair could be elected to a second term)
2014 - 2016 Richard J. Senghas, Anthropology
2016 - 2017 Ben Ford, Mathematics and Statistics