Referendum Vote of No Confidence - Pro and Con

Information, Data, Reports, and Comments on the Referendum Vote of No Confidence Vote in President Ruben Armiñana


Pro: Reports Submitted

Con: Letter from Nicole Hendry

To: Academic Senate Date: May 10, 2007
From: Nicole Hendry, Associate Director of Housing Services
Tim Tiemens, Director of Housing Services

Re: Support of Dr. Armiñana's Presidency

Prior to Dr. Armiñana's administration, SSU had the capacity to house 912 students on campus - about 16% of the University's FTES at that time. Thanks to Dr. Armiñana and his administration's support, SSU now has the capacity to house 2465 students on campus - about 33% of this year's FTES. This percentage makes SSU one of the most residential campuses in the CSU system.

Why is this important? Replicated research* has documented that compared to their counterparts who commute to college, first & second year campus residents: 

  • Interact more frequently with faculty and peers in informal settings;
  • Are more satisfied with their faculty interaction;
  • Are significantly more satisfied with college and are more positive about the social and interpersonal environment of their campus;
  • Show significantly greater positive gains in such areas of development as autonomy, inner-directedness, intellectual orientation, and self-esteem;
  • Are more likely to persist and graduate from college

Another testimony to importance of campus housing is that our office frequently hears from incoming students (and their parents) that if they are not able to live on campus, they would not enroll at SSU.

SSU's campus housing program is completely self-supporting, i.e. all the expenses are paid by the rent paid by the students & conference guests, and actually contributes to, rather than withdraws from, the University's General Fund.

*What Matters In College by Alexander Astin, Jossey-Bass Publishers

*Realizing the Educational Potential of Residence Halls by Charles Schroeder, Phyllis Mable & Associates, Jossey-Bass Publishers
(LB3227.5 .S37 1994 in our library)

Pro: Letter from Kenneth Heinzel

In response to a letter sent to the academic senate by Lynne Trainor of Contracts and Procurement, regarding the vote of no confidence to be taken next week, I would like to point out that the Newsweek ranking she quotes about Sonoma State is incorrect. She states that Sonoma State is ranked 6th among universities of its size. That ranking is for graduate schools only.

The undergraduate ranking can be found at SSU is ranked 32nd out of 61 schools.

When I first started teaching at SSU as a lecturer in 2001, we were ranked 6th out of 61 undergraduate schools in our category. We were unofficially known as the "ivy league" school in the CSU. Six years of mismanagement, a bloated school bureaucracy, and money and time taken away from our core mission to build a music center of questionable value to education, much larger classes, fewer sections, and a significant number of fewer instructors have caused us to be judged as a "middle-of -the pack" school. Because of his arrogant, manipulative and non-inclusive management style, President Arminana can take full credit for this shameful situation.

Kenneth Heinzel
School of Business & Economics
Sonoma State University


Con: Letter from Lynne Trainor

After reviewing the motion pending in the Academic Senate, I must admit that I was surprised by the allegations as stated. Where is the supporting evidence? The "Rationale" is vague and general. If there is proof of the allegations, bring it forward. Let's see the specifics. Why is the vote occurring without due diligence? 

My understanding of the state of our University is that we are positioned for success - currently and for the future. Our endowment level is at $150 million. We have the 2nd highest graduation rate. Newsweek ranked SSU in the top 6 universities in the Western United States. We have President Arminana to thank for that.

As a former student and a current employee, President Arminana has my complete and unconditional support.

Lynne Trainor, C.P.M.
Buyer III
Contracts and Procurement
Sonoma State University
Phone: 707.664.3239
Fax: 707.664.4183