Academic Planning, Assessment and Resources Committee (APARC)


The Academic Planning, Assessment and Resources Committee (APARC) serves as the faculty’s primary planning, budget and assessment committee for academic programs and related curricula. The University Program Review subcommittee shall be a subcommittee of APARC. The Academic Planning, Assessment and Resources Committee shall establish other subcommittees as necessary to carry out its charge. The duties of APARC are defined below.


To recommend to the Academic Senate policies, procedures or position statements that help the University to achieve its long-term academic goals in the light of changing social conditions; to recommend planning priorities including, but not limited to, priorities for faculty hiring, number of students to matriculate (by class levels and disciplines), classroom upgrades and academic technology; to review the annual summary of program reviews for input into the planning and prioritization process; to coordinate long range plans for academic development with campus planning of facilities development; to make recommendations concerning principles and procedures (including procedures for faculty consultation) governing the development, improvement, and use of the academic facilities of the University; to develop and implement mechanisms to determine efficacy of planning and provide feedback to the planning process. To consult, when appropriate, with other faculty governance committees.


To provide oversight for academic programs in developing and refining assessment practices guided by research regarding best practices in higher education and promote avenues through which best practices on assessment may be shared. On a consultative basis the committee will be available to: support programs and Schools in examining their assessment practices; assist programs in aligning program assessment practices to larger institutional outcomes; review final reports of the University Program Review Subcommittee on approved program assessment plans and provide recommendations aimed at strengthening programmatic assessment practices in consultation with the Educational Policies Committee and the University Program Review Subcommittee; support accreditation as appropriate.


To develop budget priorities that emerge from planning processes and assessment of academic programs and present upcoming academic year budget priorities to the Senate in the Fall; To inform and educate the Senate on the University's budget process and current resource allocations; to review the University's budget, budget process, and resource allocations; and makes recommendations to the Senate on academic and instructional priorities making claim on the University's budget.


Creates and revises academic policies referred by the Educational Policies Committee, the Executive Committee or by on-going evaluation of policy compliance based on new information within the committee's purview.

APARC has one subcommittee:

University Program Review subcommittee


Position School/Area Incumbent Dept Elect Date End of Term method by
Chair     2016 2017 appointed first year S&F
Member Arts & Humanities     2016   elected School
Member Business & Econ     2016   elected School
Member Education     2016   elected School
Member Science & Technology     2016   elected School
Member Social Sciences     2016   elected School
Member Library     2016   elected Library
Member SSP     2016   elected SSPs
Member At-Large     2016   elected all faculty
Member Associated Students Rep   AS 2016 2017 appointed Associated Students
Ex-Officio Academic Affairs     Office
Ex-Officio Administration & Finance     Office
Ex-Officio Directory of the Faculty Center         Office  
EPC Liaison to APARC     2016 2017 appointed EPC