Dispute Resolution Board (DRB) - Complete Resources

DEADLINES for submitting appeals to the Board and Meeting Dates of the Board to Consider Disputes

Time limits for filing appeals can be found on the Cover Sheets and below.

Questions about these forms, the Dispute Resolution Board or filing an appeal may be directed to the Academic Senate Analyst, 664-2801, ST1027.

Resources for Students

Please note that you MUST meet with your Instructor, Department Chair and School Dean for the informal process of a grade appeal or student grievance. See the policies below. If there are complications encountered in the informal process, contact the Senate office, 664-2801 for assistance. If your case is informally resolved after you have filed formally with the Dispute Resolution Board, contact the Senate office immediately.

DRB Handbook for Students

Cover Sheets required to file an appeal to the Dispute Resoution Board:

Grade Appeals - Time limit – 30 academic days into the semester after grade given

Student Grievances - Time limit – Grievances must be submitted no later than the end of the semester that comes after the occurrence of the alleged grievance.

Writing an appeal to the Board - READ ME!

Advice for:

Filing a Grade Appeal

Filing a Student Grievance

If you are facing at Cheating or Plagiarism charge

An infographic to detemine if you have plagiarized

Resources for Faculty

Forms for charges of cheating or plagiarism

Adjudicated Cheating and Plagiarism Charges - Time limit – maximum 120 days from discovery

Negotiated Resolution for Cheating and Plagiarism form - formally informal form

Step by Step handout for SSU Faculty on cheating and plagiarism procedures

Flow chart version

Advice for:

Filing a Formal Cheating and/or Plagiarism charge

Advice if you are facing a:

Grade Appeal

Student Grievance

Policies the Dispute Resolution Board uses:

Formal Dispute Resolution Policy - policy under which the Dispute Resolution Board operates

Grade Appeal Policy
Student Grievance Policy
Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

Membership of current Dispute Resolution Board - includes charge